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Compression Tube Fittings

DK-Lok Tube Fittings are manufactured in both double ferrule and single ferrule design. Tube Fittings are designed to connect tubing in various systems when media is conveyed from point A to B. DK-Lok Tube Fittings are available in many configurations and materials.

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DU Union Tube Fittings

DMC-N Male Connector Tube Fittings

DLF-N Series Female Elbow Tube Fittings

Tube to Tube Configurations

Tube to Male Pipes

Tube to Female Pipes

DR Reducer Tube Fittings

DF Flanges ANSI B16.5 Tube Fittings

DUA AN Union Tube Fittings

Tube Stub Connectors

Dk-Lok Flanges

Tube to AN Tubes

DMC-UO O-Seal Straight Thread Connector Tube Fittings74-1

DLS-UP Positionable SEA Male Elbow Tube Fittings

DCW Male Pipe Weld Connector Tube Fittings79-1

Tube to Non-Positionable O-seal Ends

Tube to Positionable Straight Threads

Tube to Weld Ends

DP Plugs

DFA Fuse Plugs

Bonded Gaskets

Plugs, Caps, Inserts

Additional Products

Spare Parts

DPS Preswaging Tools


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